About MIK

Overseas production surpasses domestic production in cost performance. Domestic production is better suited to manufacture products requiring high technology, high-mix low-volume products, products requiring quick delivery, test products and to start up a new business. Both are very important to our corporation and require total sophisticated management. We have to consider a variety of negative aspects in engaging in business, especially in overseas production. However, our greatest challenge is to transplant our “MIK Brand” production facilities overseas. We aim to develop our business in the global market where the high-tech, automobile and IT industries, the leading industries of the 21st century in Japan, will grow. Although we have just moved into Southeast Asia, we aim to expand our “MIK Global Network” to the United States and Europe. Therefore, as a global company, we will undertake sophisticated product management and comply with IATF16949 and ISO14001 International quality for Automobile and environmental standards. We will consistently strive to contribute to society in varied ways, starting with environmental conservation.