Switches, The Core of All Motion Control from High-Tech Equipment to Automobiles.
The “MIK Original” Technologies Meet A Variety of Customer Requirements and Solutions.

In order to provide the optimum switches for a variety of items, product development and continuous innovation of the production system are indispensable. Mik Electronic, which started its business by manufacturing switches for tape recorders, has established the only one unique technology “Leaf Switch with Cover”, which is registered as an international patent, and such “Leaf Switch with Cover” has close to a 70% share of the global market. Also, the “Push Switch”, using the U-spring originally developed by our Company, has achieved more than a 90% share of the global market for optical disc drives. In addition, our “Mode Switch” enables greaseless operation due to the cam structure. Mik Electronic, which has created an original ordering and solution production system, will establish solid brand as the “specialized manufacturer of switches” by further developments and the global presentation of patented products, and will promote development of the business into new fields.

Detector Switches