MIK OriginalOriginality&Quality

Since its foundation, Mik Electronic has consistently specialized in manufacturing switches
and developed our original technologies.
We understand that even a single part has great importance
and have boundlessly pursued the manufacture of parts of the highest quality.
We have developed digital technologies to make our products more precise, more sophisticated and smaller.
We have applied our technologies to switches to respond to a wide variety of customer needs.
Our customers seek products with better shapes, higher performance, and higher quality.
We also strive to meet customers needs for quantity, delivery time and cost.
Mik Electronic has developed many patented products, including push switches with U-springs,
using our “MIK Original” technologies, know-how and production system that are created with flexibility.
Our innovations are not only focused on existing facilities and technologies.
We play an important part in product solutions for automobile manufacturers and high-tech manufacturers
by providing them with switches that lead the industry.