R&D Technology

Our Epoch-Making Products and Manufacturing Process Were Born
from Our R&D Free of Preconceived Ideas.
The “MIK Original” Technologies Based on Our Patents Result in Ideal Products.

In accordance with our founder’s conviction of “not touching imitated ideas”, we made all-out efforts to develop our “MIK Original” products. We have a wide range of patented and patent-pending items, including products, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes. We are superior to the mass-production companies and proud of our world-leading technologies that outclass others. The R&D technostructure of Mik Electronic develops cutting-edge technologies based on flexible ideas and considerable experience and know-how of our executives. Furthermore, our cutting-edge technologies, computer system and the enormous skills of experienced engineers support our R&D in the areas of testing, evaluation, design and test production.

Special Testing Laboratory

In order to make doubly sure of R&D and quality control, we have created a laboratory with a variety of test devices to carry out a wide range of tests such as durability and heat resistance tests.

Main patents of Mik Electronic

19811622031Seal Type Cover of Leaf Switch
1622055Reversing Contact Spring Switch with Cover
1983052407Selection Switch
1730090Sensor Switch
1602646Sensor Switch
1651199Movable Spring Switch with Cover
19851800802Simultaneous Molding Method of Cover and Rotating Cam for Switch
1852886Consecutively Loadable Leaf Switch with Seal/Universal Turn Type Cover
19861953552Leaf Switch with Cover
19872598268Leaf Switch
19892769831Insulating Holder of Internal Circuit Shave of Video Head Cylinder
1701370Leaf Switch with Seal Cover
2592336Lever Switch
19902862093Sensor Leaf Switch
19913366340Push Switch
19923181095Push Switch for Printed Board
3118086Push Switch
199332195572 Way Switch
32195592 Way Switch
1994336421Push Switch
19963819978Rotary Switch
19983946870Connector equipment
19993663539Detector Switch
200240997012 Way Lever Switch
20033610064Multi-Selector Switch
20043629268Lever Switch
20053663539Detector Switch
3682062Multi-Selector Switch
20063819978Rotary Switch
20073946870Connector equipment
3972055Connector equipment
200840997012 Way Lever Switch
20104575849Shift Switch
20114716857Multistep Switch
20124934821Seat Switch
5091818Lever Switch
20135284883Rubber Switch
5358391Lever Switch
20145596633Switch with Connector
20155717307Lever Switch
5825850Switch with electrical ground
20165913700Double Seesaw Switch
5972773Rotary Connector
60331614 Way Lumbar Switch
6045114Waterproof Switch
20176258090Power Supply Rail
20186288767Waterproof Switch
6353960Power Supply Rail